BGS boys today are the knowledge workers of tomorrow. They will work in jobs and careers that may not exist yet and will be required to solve problems in the future that are increasingly complex, indeterminate and ill-defined.

To prepare our boys for this uncertain future we will adopt a Design Thinking approach to teaching and learning which will better equip our boys with the necessary skills to address the complex social, economic, technical and environmental issues that will evolve rapidly in the world beyond tomorrow.

What is Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a five-step iterative process used for practical and creative problem-solving. It focuses on generating solutions to solve specific problems, or to create particular services, processes or products.

Our boys, either individually or in small groups, will be required to come up with the product, process or service that either needs to be invented or ‘re-invented’. They will adopt this five-step process in order to achieve their goals. Design Thinking, effective in all areas of industry, is a process that seeks to understand people’s needs and then come up with effective solutions to meet those needs – it is very much a practical solution-based approach to solving real problems.

Experiencing Design Thinking

To experience Design Thinking, our boys will fully immerse themselves in this process, requiring them to firstly empathise with a target group of people to gain an understanding of the problem to be solved.

They will then undertake an exhaustive process to define the problem so that it can be meaningfully solved. This is followed by intense ideation or brainstorming to generate as many ideas as possible. From the generation of ideas, prototypes are rapidly produced. The final step is the requirement to test their prototypes.

Design Thinking is not a rigid hierarchical process and it may well be necessary at any stage to revert to previous stages before successful implementation of a solution. Working through the process of Design Thinking will empower our boys with the skills they need to be Australia’s next generation of thinkers, doers and creative problem solvers.


Let’s TAlk

For more information on how you can invest in our boys’ future by supporting our Beyond Tomorrow campaign and the enormous pride this project will bring to past, present and future BGS boys, please contact John Phillips, Director of Advancement.

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